SERPScribe review


You are SEOers, your mood changes based on your website keyword rankings.
There are so many times you asked yourself about the rapid changing of rankings, it was the second, but now it is probably the third or even the fourth. Coming up to August 22, 2017, you will be launched a powerful tool for SEO. This tool can make you be surprised because of its features and functions. It is called by the name “SERPScribe”.
1. What is SERPScribe?

SERPScribe is a fully cloud-based SEO app. It allows users control and to take care of all their SEO needs inside one user-friendly dashboard with a few clicks.
Because it is a cloud app, it has to play by Google’s rules to assist users banks with everything from unique content creation and syndication, to “onsite” SEO optimization, even safe backlinking.
2. SERPScribe’s functions

– Thousands of profitable keywords will be found by few seconds. All of the keywords found can’t be ranked by anyone (including local data for rank for local term)
– Build up a unique and easy-to-rank article legible with the push of button and publish them to your site including longform based content Google likes.
– Construct safe backlinks quickly boosting your ranking and “link juice” on complete autopilot.
– Use the ranking wizard to fully SEO optimize your content and site even although you have no clue how to do it yourself.
– Build up safe Web 2.0 link pyramids to rank things like videos that you have full control over.
– Comes with Commercial Rights on the front end to use on client’s websites and videos (or rent out properties it ranks)

With the SRPScribe, you can create content, linking properties, sell keyword data, etc. for any client you want and the gigantic bonus suite.

3. SERPScribe’s features
– Push-Button Keyword Research
SERPSribe will look for long-tail global and local keyword terms to rank for in Google with competition and meaningful data. So you can know rapidly what a good niche term to rank.
– Instant Article Creation and Spinning
It allows you to create the content from a library of thousands of articles. Therefore, you are ranking with the fully unique, relevant that can be 100% readable too with no grammar errors Google can detect (even long form articles)
– Auto-Publish in bulk to WordPress Site
SERPScribe fully SEO optimize the content using SEO wizard to rank perfectly and tell Google exactly what it is about. It is very convenient as you can submit your article to many WordPress sites all at once.
– Stunning Cloud Interface
Because of being the cloud dashboard, SERPScribe permits you local businesses hire your site. Moreover, you can flip them for profits on Flippa, or just add it as affiliate products and earn passive income.
– In-depth domain analysis
With video, it embeds and syndicates in WordPress sites you can rank and control or backlink to YouTube videos with unique content web 2.0 sites for fast rankings.
Make sure that anyone is satisfied with SERPScribe as promoting lots of money. Whoever you are – an affiliate, a marketer, even with no tech skills; and whatever your niche is SEO, video marketing, local,…

4. Pros and Cons
* Pros
– Build safe Web 2.0 links pyramids
– Commercial rights to use on client’s sites and videos
– Use the ranking wizard to fully SEO optimize content and site.
– Create safe backlink quickly.
– Find thousands of profitable keywords
* Cons
If you are a newbie and have no skills, in the first time of using, you will get some small troubles. However, it is not serious and you don’t need to worry about it as you have the ready-to-help of support desk.

5. SERPScribe video demo

There are 3 choices for you when choosing SERPScribe:
1. OTO 1- SERPScribe Deluxe
– Tons of extra features that take SERPScribe to the next level.
– Access to 3000+ more ready made articles
-Future monthly unique articles
– Huge Domain Research Module
– Domain competition
– Ad wizard
– Competitors Keywords
– Outsourcers License (Outsourcers can log in and do all the work for you)
2. OTO 2 – SERPScribe Agency
Agency license that lets you add client accounts anf sell this as a service or as a product. It comes with all our sales materials and training for you ti get started and find clients.
2. OTO 3- SERP Signals
Powerful addition to SERPScribe – it builds immediate traffic through social signals that get you viral traffic rolling in from social media and easy rankings for your websites.

6. SERPScribe bonus

In conclusion, SERPScribe is the best SEO tool in this year went live for an early bird discount and Commercial Rights. You can create and rank ‘local’ sites to rent out to businesses, sell keyword data and authority linking solutions, and even create full ‘link pyramids’ to point to any properties like YouTube videos you 100% control. You have never seen a solution so complete that works WITH Google in 2017. You can rent out these WordPress sites to clients, charge them for leads, sell the keyword data, do safe back linking for them, & more! Again, get access here before the next price increase.
Hopefully, the information can be useful for you and help you to make a wise decision. Now, you can save hundreds of dollars and tens of hours with SERPScribe instead of hiring the outsourcers doing the same tasks.


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