InstaPilot review


Social Media is a great way to get traffic, turn it into leads and sales and profit from whats hot.The problem is social media engagement is dropping and to get peoples attention you have to spend more and more on ads.There is one platform that goes against this trend.Instagram boasts the best engagemen of the big social networks.Statistics have proven 75% of your audience on this take immediate action on your offers.Completely New Software for Marketing Over Instagram. Cash In Big Promoting A Completely New Software To The Marketplace. This Is An Easy To Use Professional Software Your Customers Are Guaranteed To Love! The InstaPilot software will do that for you. That really? The following is all the Instapilot feature. Let’s go 😀

Features of InstaPilot

For many years, Instagram has been considered as the most popular social network in the world with different outstanding features. To meet the need of the users, the people gave the birth of the instapilot which is used for both managings and promoting the Instagram accounts. In this article, we will provide you some information about the instapilot application.
Instapilot has a huge number of different utilities for the Instagram users. Each feature brings the user numerous advantages. You can take the use of your Instagram account without worry about the inconvenience. InstaPilot is An all-in-one Instagram Marketing Tool with the following
features below:
1. InstaPilot- The dashboard
This new feature is designed as a navigation bar. You can find out all applications of Instagram in the dashboard. To use all new features of the instapilot, you have to connect your Instagram account with the pilot app.
2. The integration

Ability to integrate single or multiple instagram accounts and also remove them off the web app at anytime. Users can also edit the information on their profile and manage their profile from the web app.

To log into the InstaPilot, it is quite easy. All what you have to do is to put your account password, and your username in the right position. The integration will populate your information.
Besides, this integration application is quite impressive because it can help you either change or edit the profile picture without logging. Additionally, it will be updated to the finalist page.
3. InstaPilot – The inbox
The same as the normal software, the pilot software also lets you check your message from other users. You just need to click on the inbox application and choose a person who you want to read the message.Users can check their instagram account inbox right from the web app and reply their messages.

This new feature is awesome because you can solve with all clients on your Instagram. Additionally, you also can make your Instagram account become a market to sell your products by inboxing directly.

4. Trading post and hashtags

The trading post and hashtags tool allow you to know what the trending is happening now. You just need to find out an Instagram account and use the search tool. And then, you will know what is the popular hashtags and who is its owner.

Another amazing feature is that you can click on the Instagram with the trendy hashtags, and send the private message to the selected accounts. This was a new invention because in the past, you just could send the message to your Instagram friends and send to a stranger, it is quite hard.
5. Manage followers
The last features that we want to mention today is the managing follower tool. It is very simple for you to take the advantage of this tool. You can choose this tool and press on loading the followers.
Many people prefer this application because it is a great tool for people who want to promote a service or product. The followers can get your message or know about your promoting quickly and it will be not a nuisance for the followers.

6. Auto Engagement:

You can perform several auto engage actions like; Auto comment, Auto Like, Auto follow, Auto follow back, Auto Unfollow etc based on targeted settings like tags, usernames, location etc. There is a report for this that shows clearly the progress made for all the auto engage actions.
Final thoughts

7. Auto post:

Users can post images & videos from the web to their instagram profile. They can make an instant post or schedule a post to be posted in the future. Images or videos can be selected from their gallery where downloaded images are stored or from their local computer. Users can post to single or multiple accounts at once.

8. Ecommecer integration:

This feature is an exciting one as it enables InstaPilot user to engage and sell their affiliate products to their instagram audience. Users will create a store on the app, get their unique store link updated in their instagram profile ,update their affiliate details of amazon, ebay, aliexpress and shopify, import product into their store on InstaPilot from any of the supported affiliate platforms. Users can upload a logo they want the store to have and a store name.

9.Manage store

This is where users input their preferred call to action they want to append to all products posted from their store on InstaPilot to their instagram profile. This is basically where they manage their products like post to instagram profile, schedule for future posting, post product on Facebook & Twitter, share product details with their Instagram followers/following, delete from store etc.

And more….

InstaPilot- Video DEMO

How to use the InstaPilot ?

  1. Login To The Cloud-Based Software. Connect Unlimited Instagram Accounts, Then Hook Up Your FB And Twitter For Viral Results.
  2. Build Your Audience By Engaging With Trending Niche Content The Software Delivers To You, And Even Re-Post It As Your Own To Your Profile.
  3. Promote To Your New Followers And Watch The Sales & Profits Roll In!

Instapilot review

With these new features of the InstaPilot, I think you will have many exciting experiences. Your Instagram account will be known by many people around the world with some simple tool on the InstaPilot. With the new developments, InstaPilot will be your partner in selling or promoting your product.

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