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Lead Grab review-Overview

It has become undeniably clear within the past decade what the driving force of business truly is. That is simply engagement. Engaged people almost always end up becoming customers, buyers, and clients. It has also been evident with the recent trends in marketing, digital or not, that the best way to reach a potential is by having just the right content. It sounds simple, but having the right content is actually more complicated than it sounds. Content marketing is one of the biggest challenges business face everyday.

leadGrab review

Creating unique and engaging content is one of the most time-consuming tasks for businesses, especially those that operate without an entire marketing or editorial team. For most small to mid-sized businesses, competing with the thousands of content being generated everyday is daunting to say the least. Even when an honestly good content is created, there is no guarantee that it will reach the audience it deserves, as only the select few go viral or even make it to mainstream. Studying the trends of content creation and marketing, Mark Thompson has figured out a way to benefit from the content monopoly that is currently happening in the online market.

lead grab review

Thompson has created a tool that will essentially allow you to “grab” content that already exists online and use it to your own advantage. Thompson calls this tool Lead Grab, and Lead Grab is the easiest and fastest way to get content to work for you. The goal of Lead Grab is to eliminate time spent on content creation in order to allow business owners to focus on other aspects of their businesses. How can this be done? Simply put, LeadGrab ethically borrows content that is already famous from companies that are already established in whatever niche.

This content is then linked to your own business through a custom Lead Grab that will appear on the established company’s page. Once clicked, this will then direct the reader to your own website, thus creating a lead without having to write a single content. LeadGrab is a very efficient tool that will allow its user to make the most of what is already available online.

lead grab

LeadGrab can be useful to businesses on different levels. Solo proprietors, who struggle in keeping up with a website altogether, can take advantage of the simplicity of the tool. Even for the best writers, creating content that is original on a constant basis is not easy. Businesses that are just starting out can also utilize LeadGrab in getting established in their niche.

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This is especially helpful for those who do not have years upon years of experience and those who just do not have the time to do the research in order to generate content. A little push in the right direction can help tremendously, and this is what LeadGrab can give for those who are just starting out.


Small businesses that cannot afford an entire team to write, edit, and constantly produce unique content to put on a website can benefit from LeadGrab as well. Using LeadGrab can allow a small business to stay relevant in their market and keep up with the competition as well.

It can also eliminate the need to outsource for content, which can save money as well. Even mid-sized businesses can take advantage of LeadGrab in different ways. Although most mid-sized companies will have a set marketing team, LeadGrab’s benefit of linking up with bigger corporations is immense. Many marketers will pay tons of money to be associated with established corporations, but LeadGrab allows that just by their simple linking tools. Mid-sized businesses can interchange their own content with LeadGrab contents to create a more powerful and engaging website.


The best thing about LeadGrab is its simplicity. It is so user-friendly that it does not take IT-level to work with. LeadGrab provides a wide selection of customization options of themes, colors, fonts, and many others. Custom URLs that suits individual sites better may also be created. LeadGrab even allows the option to choose the positioning of the LeadGraby display and the addition of a Shortlink that is customized and traceable to the business site.


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The content tool also has options for social sharing. This option may be added to any LeadGrab in order to encourage readers to share the content on popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This will generate more clicks on the content and even increase the possibility of the content going viral. There are many other Lead Grab features that are all very useful including email integration and webinar integration.

LeadGrab poses many advantages for its user, the first of which is time. Utilizing LeadGrab will free up countless, precious hours that would otherwise be spent thinking, researching, and trying to write something worthwhile. Productivity is another clear advantage.

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Since the content most likely to be used with LeadGrab will already be famous, it is guaranteed to create leads for the business. The content will be known to be engaging already, it is simply a matter of redirecting that engagement to the business owner’s site. It is simply an effective way to generate leads. However, there is one disadvantage that might pose a slight threat to any business that might use LeadGrab, and that is simply originality.

Many readers look for companies to share their own stories and share their own experiences. Many organic companies have found success due to their honesty in telling their own stories, and most people find the most engaging stories to be those that are told from personal experience.

Using content from other websites will not only tell the reader that the content being used is not original, but it will also prevent the reader from getting to know the business personally.

All in all, LeadGrab is a new and exciting way to look at how content can be managed. It is definitely worth a try, if it means time saved and money saved for any business. LeadGrab is an ingenious tool that can be used to the business’s discretion. Use full-time or even sparingly, and it’s guaranteed to bring positive results regardless.